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County Agricultural Development Councils

County Agricultural Development Councils were established in 2000 to evaluate the needs of the local agricultural economy, devise a plan that would identify programs best suited to support the county's agriculture, and assist local applicants in preparing proposals to spend county funds to be submitted to the state Agricultural Development Board (ADB). To provide additional leadership opportunities and encourage diversity, the county councils were expanded by one member during the 2009 session of the General Assembly. These changes to the statutes (.pdf) are effective July 1, 2010 with the 2010-2012 council membership.

The County Council membership includes:

  • 2 farmers selected by the county Farm Service Agency Committee
  • 2 individuals selected by the county Conservation District Board
  • 2 individuals selected by the county Extension Councils
  • 3 at-large members selected by the other six council members

Council members are limited to two consecutive 2-year terms. If a council member has served four consecutive years, then he or she must rotate off the council for a minimum of two years.

Of the nine council members, at least two must represent young farmers (age 21-40) and one must represent a minority population.

The county Cooperative Extension Service provides administrative support to the County Council. County Councils submit recommended projects to the state ADB for approval.

County Account Information

County Council Member Updates (.xls, KB)
(This spreadsheet is for extension agent access to update county council member information, if changes occur during the biennium. Please e-mail the update to

Currently, County Profiles & Comprehensive Plans are no longer available on-line. If you wish to view your county's Comprehensive Plan, then please contact your local County Cooperative Extension Office.

County Council Resources

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