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News Releases & Articles - Archive

Below is a list of past news releases & articles from the programs the Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy administers.




"Governor Seeks Disaster Assistance for Farmers" (Courier Journal, 8/30/2007)


"FDA-tobacco bill will pass, Kennedy vows at hearing" (The Courier-Journal, 7/27/2007)

"House Dems try to unite on farm bill" (The Courier Journal, 7/27/2007)

"Magoffin receives agriculture funds" (Big Sandy News, 7/25/2007)

"A taste of the good life: UK farm teaches about community and food" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/25/2007)

"Blue Grass stockyards in Stanford opens Thursday" (Advocate-Messenger, 7/24/2007)

"Hay shortage has farmers weighing their options" (Advocate-Messenger, 7/24/2007)

"Orchards have less fruit to offer pickers after rough weather" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/24/2007)

"U-pickers won't be grinning: Freeze, hail, drought hit local orchards hard"class="small"> (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/24/2007) "Inside Central Kentucky beekeepers' world: Beekeeping rewarding despite recent problems" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/23/2007)

"House bill lowers cap on farmer subsidies: Groups seek more conservation funds" (The Courier-Journal, 7/22/2007)

"Cattle sale changes coming: Blue Grass Stockyards has new facility, times" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/20/2007)

"Family milks dairy business for all it's worth" (The The Courier-Journal, 7/20/2007)

"Fletcher presents $1.4 M for heifer development program" (The Ledger Independent, 7/19/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Governor Fletcher Presents Funding for Dairy Heifer Replacement Project" (Governor's Communications Office, 7/19/2007)

"Philip Morris representative visits Maysville" (The Ledger Independent, 7/18/2007)

"Hay Hotline Helps" (WBKO, 7/17/2007)

"Farm Service Agency planning first round of office closures - Hancock, Muhlenberg offices scheduled to close in early 2008" (Messenger-Inquirer, 7/13/2007)

"Farmers face double whammy - Expect pricier fruits, veggies" (Kentucky Enquirer, 7/13/2007)

"Lincoln produce auction draws interest of state ag officials" (Advocate-Messenger, 7/13/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Task Force Focuses on Specific Issues Facing Kentucky Agriculture" (KDA Public Relations, 7/13/2007)

"Farm Fresh" (The Daily Independent, 7/9/2007)

"Farmers allowed to sell at both markets" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/6/2007)

"Despite buyout, tobacco farm acres increasing - Production has shifted to middle, western portions of state" (Messenger-Inquirer, 7/5/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Alford Will Work with Grape and Wine Council" (KDA Public Relations, 7/3/2007)

"Dairy farmers feeling heat - Higher production costs adding to price of goods - up to 30 percent" (Bowling Green Daily News, 7/2/2007)

"Drought affects wheat crop - Average yield cut in half in Warren County..." (Bowling Green Daily News, 7/2/2007)

"Local beekeepers feel the sting of honeybee shortage" (Advocate Messenger, 7/2/2007)

"Cattle drive: Drought forcing farmers to sell" (Advocate-Messenger, 7/1/2007)

"Farmers encouraged to continue thinking 'outside-the-box'" (Paducah Sun, 7/1/2007)

"Week's recent rain helps corn farmers, but only in spots..." (Paducah Sun, 7/1/2007)

"New ice cream parlor also scoops up homemade gelato and sorbet" (and other local food snippets) (Lexington Herald-Leader, 6/29/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Partnership Helps Fruit and Vegetable Producers Sell Clean, Wholesome Food to Kentucky Families" (KDA Public Relations, 6/28/2007)

"Business is mushrooming: Former Navy SEAL overcame a learning logjam to build funji farm" (The Courier-Journal, 6/27/2007)

"Warren to receive $225K in ag funds" (Bowling Green Daily News, 6/27/2007)

"Meat processing business plans July opening" (Bowling Green Daily News, 6/26/2007)

"State gives agriculture dollars for regional farmers market" (Messenger-Inquirer, 6/21/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Commissioner Farmer Elected President of Southern Agriculture Association" (KDA Public Relations, 6/21/2007)

"Cattle program receives funding" (Big Sandy News, 6/20/2007)

"Bluegrass Grapes" (The Voice-Tribune, 6/19/2007)

PRESS RELEASE:"Attention Meat Lovers and Livestock Producers: John's Custom Meats is Open for Business" (KDA Public Relations, 6/19/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Governor Ernie Fletcher Dedicates Bath County Agricultural Education and Marketing Center" (Governor's Communications Office, 6/18/2007)

"Biofuels plant among topics at symposium" (Appalachian News-Express, 6/15/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "USDA Grants April Freeze Disaster Designation Request" (Governor's Communications Office, 6/7/2007)

"Straight from the farm - Programs supply season of vegetables for upfront fee" (The Courier-Journal, 6/6/2007)

"New biodiesel plant to be largest in N. KY. - Company slated to begin production Sept. 1" (Kentucky Enquirer, 6/5/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Kentucky Proud Freezer Beef Promotion Surpasses Goal" (KDA Public Relations, 6/5/2007)

"Extension program moves on: Director Jimmy Henning steps into post of fallen friend" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 6/4/2007)

"Casey to use menu approach to administer tobacco funds" (Advocate-Messenger, 5/30/2007)

"Head of the herd" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/16/2007)

"Farmers' market dispute ends up in city hall" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/15/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Kentucky Shines in Light of National 'Innovation America' Week" (Governor's Communications Office, 5/15/2007)

"Analyst says late freeze killed 80 percent of Ky. strawberry crop" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/12/2007)

"Scientists at a loss as bees disappear across the nation" (The Courier-Journal, 5/11/2007)

"Farmers market gets a warm reception" (The Courier-Journal, 5/9/2007)

"Kentucky farmers donate cattle to hard-hit Louisiana" (The Courier-Journal, 5/9/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Yates is Kentucky's New Agri-tourism Director" (KDA Public Relations, 5/9/2007)

"Fading ag markets: City shouldn't let them go without discussion" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/8/2007)

"New UK Extension Leader Emphasizes Power of Outreach to Help Kentucky (UK Agricultural Communications, 5/8/2007)

"Officials promote biotech industry" (Messenger-Inquirer, 5/8/2007)

"City hopes to win back FFA" (The Courier-Journal, 5/6/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Ag Task Force Looks for Common Ground in First Meeting to Develop Strategic Plan (KDA Public Relations, 5/3/2007)

"Louisville pursuing FFA convention" (The Courier-Journal, 5/3/2007)

"Food fit for a queen: Churchill chef's approach wins royal reception" (The Courier-Journal, 5/2/2007)

"Ethanol juggernaut moves through D.C." (The Courier-Journal, 5/1/2007)


"Kentucky Derby foods to please even most royal of tastes" (USA Today, 4/29/2007)

"Cattlemen celebrate county" (Glasgow Daily Times, 4/28/2007)

"Mitchell to head Kentucky rural development center (Times Leader, 4/28/2007)

"Producers have grants available" (Glasgow Daily Times, 4/26/2007)

"Easter Freeze Devastating to Kentucky Fruit Growers" (UK Ag Communications, 4/25/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Churchill Downs Preparing a Meal Fit for a Queen Featuring Kentucky Proud Ingredients" (KDA Public Relations, 4/24/2007)

"Ag bill should bolster privately owned forests" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 4/23/2007)

"Ag fund gets unexpected influx of cash" (Messenger-Inquirer, 4/24/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Commissioner Farmer Applauds Boost in Tobacco Settlement Funding" (KDA Public Relations, 4/23/2007)

"Garrard, Lincoln get ag funds" (Advocate-Messenger, 4/23/2007)

"Farmers hope for federal relief after temps hit crops" (Bowling Green Daily News, 4/19/2007)

"Cold spring puts farmers in economic deep freeze" (The News-Enterprise, 4/18/2007)

"Fletcher sends request for aide to help farmers" (Henderson Gleaner, 4/18/2007)

"Late freeze causes widespread damage in Kentucky agriculture" (Associated Press, 4/17/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Commissioner Farmer says buy Kentucky Proud to commenmorate Earth Day" (KDA Public Relations, 4/16/2007)

"Shrimpers in Kentucky? Sounds like a fish tale" (Reuters, 4/12/2007)

"Freeze has dire effects: Jackson's Orchard owner says crop of apples, peaches a complete loss" (Bowling Green Daily News, 4/11/2007)

"Some fruit crops ruined; wheat damage likely" (The Gleaner, 4/10/2007)

"Boyle Farmers Markets merge, move to Constitution Square" (Advocate-Messenger, 4/8/2007)

"Cold spell could cause problems for corn, wheat crops" (Messenger-Inquirer, 4/7/2007)

"Co-op lawsuit ends in settlement for farmers" (Business Lexington, 4/6/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "Governor Ernie Fletcher Appoints Members to the Kentucky Grape & Wine Council" (Governor's Communications Office, 4/6/2007)

"Program recognized for innovation - Ash Institute selects as finalist for $100,000 grant" (Messenger-Inquirer, 4/5/2007)

"British tobacco company expands business in U.S. market" (The Courier-Journal, 4/4/2007)

"Farmers markets get new flexibility" (Advocate-Messenger, 4/4/2007)

"Lincoln goat program receives $28,000 in Ag Development funds" (Advocate-Messenger, 4/4/2007)

"Local tobacco production expected to increase" (Maysville Ledger-Independent, 4/3/2007)


"Haymarket's heyday revisited - Louisville studies farmers' market" (The Courier-Journal, 3/28/2007)

"One-on-one with Richie Farmer" (Business Lexington, 3/22/2007) [Podcast Available]

"Field of greens: Farmers markets are poised for first crops" (The Courier-Journal, 3/21/2007)

"Realizing a Dream: Jim & Sandy Wight to open Bullitt County's first winery" (The Courier-Journal, 3/21/2007)

"Burley growers win lawsuit" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 3/20/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: Commissioner Farmer Accepts Challenge... (KDA Public Relations, 3/19/2007)

"Agriculture center to showcase state's farming heritage" (The Courier-Journal, 3/18/2007)

"Farm computer program, retired area extension agent honored" (The Daily Independent, 3/18/2007)

"National Ag Day Focuses on Convergence of Food and Fuel" (Kentucky Ag Connection, 3/15/2007)

"KY wine to raise money for horse rescue: Chrisman Mill label features sketch by actor Jack Nicholson" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 3/14/2007)

"Farmers learn hot alternative to growing tobacco: Welding skills can come in handy down on the farm" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 3/12/2007)

PRESS RELEASE: "New Web Site Links Farmers with Food Businesses" (KDA Public Relations, 3/12/2007)

"Disease causing mare abortions: Losses amount to $3-4 million" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 3/8/2007)

"Louisville eyed for ethanol plant: $75 million facility could create 60 jobs" (The Courier-Journal, 3/8/2007)

"Animal Identification Group Deactivates" (The, 3/6/2007)

"Welding program designed to help former tobacco growers" (The Daily Independent, 3/6/2007)


"Flanagan named to head new Ag Heritage Center in Mercer" (Advocate-Messenger, 2/28/2007)

"Lewis gets $108,000-plus in tobacco fund settlement funds" (The Daily Independent, 2/27/2007)

"After the Buyout: Farmers having to learn new tricks" (Advocate-Messenger, 2/25/2007)

"After the Buyout: Tobacco profits still lure many growers" (Advocate-Messenger, 2/25/2007)

"Farm bill sparks discussion - Environmental, anti-poverty groups weigh in at forum" (Messenger-Inquirer, 2/24/2007)

"Tobacco farmers dwindling, but opportunities remain" (Messenger-Inquirer, 2/24/2007)

"Sprouting - Farmers Market, entertainment venue to open in May" (Kentucky New Era, 2/22/2007)

"Ag projects approved for Boyle, Burgin" (Advocate Messenger, 2/18/2007)

"Tobacco enlisted to make vaccine - U of L joins $1 million project (The Courier-Journal, 2/16/2007)

"We finally got a break: Wineries can ship Internet, phone orders to customers" (Commonwealth Journal, 2/13/2007)

"First agriculture summit scheduled for March" (The Enquirer, 2/12/2007)

"State drops out of wine suit: Small operators can ship directly" (The Courier-Journal, 2/7/2007)

"Old livestock auction site getting new life" (Bowling Green Daily News, 2/4/2007)


"UK announces equine degree program" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 1/30/2007)

"Organization redefines itself" (Messenger-Inquirer, 1/28/2007)

"Keith Rogers is the $450 million farmers' friend" (The News Enterprise, 1/20/2007)

"Farmers' innovations have paid off - Couple win national achievement award" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 1/16/2007)

"Cabbage Inc. contracting in area - Firm taking over former co-op facilities (Messenger-Inquirer, 1/15/2007)

"Farm diversification funds drop - Tobacco firms withholding part of payments" (Messenger-Inquirer, 1/8/2007)

"Energy will drive farm bill" (The News Enterprise, 1/3/2007)



"Tobacco buyouts give year-end payments" (The News-Enterprise, 12/22/2005)

"Several Trigg farmers have unclaimed tobacco checks" (The Cadiz Record, 12/21/2005)

PRESS RELEASE: "Governor Fletcher awards agricultural development funds to Todd County" (Governor's Office, 12/13/2005)

"Wineries apply for agri-tourism money" (Kentucky Enquirer, 12/5/2005)

"Covington farmers market eyes big bucks: Regional backers to appeal to state" (Kentucky Enquirer, 12/3/2005)

"Study: State falls short in anti-smoking efforts" (Courier-Journal, 12/1/2005)


"Bairds go from family farm to major meat producer" (The Union County Advocate, 10/19/2005)


"New Colorado treasurer questions the legality of tobacco settlement"(Courier-Journal, 9/27/2005

"Terrapin Hill fall festival features music, kids' activities, ag education" (Advocate Messenger, 9/20/2005


"Five ag projects get grants" ([Ashland] Daily Independent, 8/25/2005)

"Old tobacco growers welcome better facility" (Kentucky Enquirer, 8/24/2005)

"Phase II tobacco payments restored" (The News-Enterprise, 8/21/2005)

"State to get $124 million from NC ruling" (Bowling Green Daily News, 8/20/2005)

"Ruling may release tobacco funds" (Courier-Journal, 8/20/2005)

"N.C. Supreme Court rules growers are owed millions from tobacco companies" (Associated Press, 8/20/2005)

"N.C. high court rules Phase II must be paid" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 8/20/2005)

"Court: Cigarette makers still owe Phase II funding" (Messenger Inquirer, 8/20/2005)


"Goats are heroes for some growers: Former tobacco farmers tap new, expanding market" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/30/2005)

EDITORIAL: "Reject the request: Funding to help farmers continue to grow tobacco would be foolish" (The Daily Independent, 5/29/2005)

"Philip Morris wants additional Kentucky burley: Company turning to other states" (Messenger-Inquirer, 5/29/2005)

"Bees, please: why farmers are buzzing for more hives" (Christian Science Monitor, 5/24/2005)

"Opposition to tobacco aid expected: Growers could apply for venture money" (Courier-Journal, 5/24/2005)

OPINION: "Tobacco wants more and shouldn't get it" (Courier-Journal, 05/23/2005)

"Ag projects in area get assistance" (Paducah Sun, 5/21/2005)

AP ARTICLE: "FARM SCENE: Tobacco farmers diversifying with other crops" (Herald Today [and several other publications], 5/19/2005)

"After tobacco buyout, farmers scale crop back: Some bank on higher yields" (Courier-Journal, 5/15/2005)

"New loan programs available to farmers" (The Daily Independent, 5/15/2005)

"Tobacco companies seek lower payouts: Market share lost to cheaper brands" (Cincinnati Enquirer, 5/13/2005)

"Wrong fertilizer: Don't use settlement money to grow tobacco" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/12/2005)

KDA RELEASE: "There's More to Agri-tourism Than You Might Think" (KDA Communications, 5/11/2005)

"Tobacco farmers seeking funds" (Messenger-Inquirer, 5/10/2005)

KDA RELEASE: "New Dairy Council Seeks Executive Director" (KDA Communications, 5/4/2005)

"Mercer board decides agritourism is permitted" (Advocate-Messenger, 5/3/2005)

"Local impact of tobacco buyout examined" (Madisonville Messenger, 5/2/2005)

"Business aids aquaculture in the region" (Bowling Green Daily News, 5/2/2005)

"Wine grapes newest cash crop: NKY touted as good growing region for vines" (Cincinnati Enquirer, 5/1/2005)


"Local organic produce falls behind demand" (News Enterprise, 4/29/2005)

"Fleming welcomes new business" (the Ledger Independent, 4/27/2005)

"Struggling farming co-op to add quality control" (Couier-Journal, 4/25/2005)

"Phase II funding plan passes committee" (Maysville Ledger-Independent, 4/22/2005)

"Governor, others call for boost in production" (Messenger-Inquirer, 4/19/2005)

"Shelby farmers plant seeds for program to save land" (Courier-Journal, 4/19/2005)

"Cracking Health Codes" (Southern SARE Newsletter: CommonGround, Spring 2005)

"Families can subscribe to fresh produce" (Courier-Journal, 4/15/2005)

"Some tobacco barns being converted to other uses" (Danville Advocate-Messenger, 4/11/2005)

Letter to Editor: "Shrimp farming another example of wasted money" (Bowling Green Daily News, 4/3/2005)


"Agri-tourism funds awarded locally" (Maysville Ledger-Independent, 3/30/2005)

"Biodiesel from soybeans produced in Union County sold at local station" (Courier & Press, 3/28/2005)

"Soybean power in Paducah" (Paducah Sun, 3/27/2005)

"Bio-diesel a boon for bean farmers" (Bowling Green Daily News, 3/26/2005)

"Building a better shrimp" (Bowling Green Daily News, 3/26/2005)

"States continue to spend tobacco settlement money on budget shortfalls" (Courier-Journal, 3/23/2005)

"PAAC gets access to funding" (Murray Ledger & Times, 3/22/2005)

KDA RELEASE: "Community College Raises Trout in Water from Abandoned Mines" (KDA Communications, 3/21/2005)

"Ethanol plant in Kentucky reaps profits" (Courier-Journal, 3/21/2005)

"Mercer farm gets agri-tourism funds" (Danville Advocate-Messenger, 3/21/2005)

"Farmers adjusting to change in tobacco market" (Danville Advocate-Messenger, 3/20/2005)

"Gas prices rev up production at Hopkinsville ethanol plant" (Paducah Sun, 3/20/2005)

"Judge blocks Kentucky law on tobacco payments" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 3/20/2005)

"Small tobacco companies win ruling" (Messenger-Inquirer, 3/20/2005)

Editorial:"State must preserve farmland" (The Winchester Sun, 3/18/2005)

"Tobacco buyout rules vary among farmers" (Bowling Green Daily News, 3/14/2005)

"Farm diversification program could suffer: 'Phase II' money transfer is in budget" (Messenger-Inquirer), 3/15/2005)


Opinion: "Funding the tobacco buyout" (Courier-Jounral, 2/24/2005)

"PAAC revamped financial plan taken to Frankfort" (Murray Ledger &am; Times, 2/24/2005)

"Tobacco alternatives yield mixed results: Most co-ops struggling despite the state's help" (Courier-Journal, 2/24/2005)

"State awards $231,057 for farmers' markets" (Louisville Business Journal, 2/21/2005)

"State provides cash for vegetable season" (Messenger-Inquirer, 2/19/2005)

"HB 132 would expedite payment of Phase II funds" (Clinton County News, 2/11/2005)

"Lawmakers eye Phase I to pay for Phase II" (The Cynthiana Democrat,2/11/2005)

USDA RELEASE: USDA Announces Sign-up for Tobacco Transition Payment Program (USDA Newsroom, 2/11/2005)

Opinion: "Frankfort's handouts" (Courier-Journal, 2/10/2005)

Editorial: "Stripping ag fund is short-sighted" (Messenger-Inquirer, 2/9/2005)

"Tobacco phaseout efforts at risk: KY bill would divert diversification funds" (Courier-Journal, 2/8/2005)

"House approves tobacco payout: $114 million would go to replace final Phase II payment" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 2/5/2005)

"House OKs Phase II payout bill: Most money for program would come from bonds" (Messenger-Inquirer, 2/5/2005)

"Legislators deserve praise for tobacco buyout" (Bowling Green Daily News, 2/5/2005)

"Phase II tobacco bill passes House" (Murray Ledger & Times, 2/5/2005)

"State House OKs $114 for tobacco growers: Senate gets bill on Phase II money" (Courier-Journal, 2/5/2005)

"Replace partisan rancor with kindness, honesty" [includes tribute to former Rep. Roger Thomas] (Lexington Herald-Leader, 2/4/2005]

"Taking root: Ag board right to support vegetable farming" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 2/4/2005)

"Clark [County] receives $150,000 in ag funds for fencing program" (Winchester Sun, 2/3/2005)

"New source of tobacco buyout bucks" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 2/3/2005)

"Tobacco farmers wait as legislators debate: Phase II, settlement funds in limbo" (Ledger Independent, 2/2/2005)

"Tobacco farmers would get agriculture development money" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 2/2/2005)


"Make sure promise to farmers is kept" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 1/31/2005)

"Casey ag council looks at new ways to use tobacco funds" (Advocate Messenger, 1/28/2005)

"Upstarts vs. Big Tobacco" (Courier-Journal, 1/18/2005)

"Fruit of the vine might supplant tobacco" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 1/18/2005)

"Quick N.C. ruling sought" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 1/7/2005)

"Kentucky A.G. asks N.C. Supreme Court to rule in tobacco case" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 1/7/2005)

"Phase II payments top concern to farmers, ag official says" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 1/4/2005)

"Tobacco dispute simmers: Payments not made to farmers may put pressure on legislators" (Courier-Journal, 1/4/2005)


"Court cracks tobacco farmers' golden egg" [opinion/editorial] (Courier Journal, 12/27/2004)

"Group to appeal tobacco-payout ruling" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 12/24/2004)

"Ruling favors cigarette makers" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 12/23/2004)

"Update: Tobacco Cos Freed From Farmer Payments" (Wall Street Journal, 12/23/2004)

"N.C. Judge says he'll rule this week on Phase II payments" (Associated Press, 12/20/2004)

"Tobacco buyout expected to end many small farms" (Messenger-Inquirer, 12/10/2004)

"Casey farmers trying to keep tobacco funds from exposition center" (Advocate Messenger, 12/2/2004)

"Farmers await word on tobacco payments" (Courier-Journal, 12/1/2004)

"Former tobacco farm has second life as orchard" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/24/2004)

"Tasteless beef? Now we have a 'Choice'" (Courier-Journal, 08/06/2004)

"Farmers get chance to talk agritourism" (Bowling Green Daily News, 2/3/2004)


"Phillip Morris' bond halved: Decision means sates will get $2.6 billion payment today" (Courier-Journal, 4/15/03)

"37 states ask Illinois judge to lower Phillip Morris bond" (Courier-Journal, 4/8/03)

"Formulas for distributing Tobacco settlement [Phase II] splits to stay the same" (Courier-Journal, 4/1/03)

"Phillip Morris case may pinch budget: $12 billion bond may threaten payouts to states" (Courier-Journal, 4/1/03)

"Smoked fish catching on: It's been an upstream swim, but Shuckman's perserverance spawned a growing business" (Courier-Journal, 3/26/03)

"Family to launch educational corn maze" (Messenger-Inquirer, 3/24/30)

"Board gives racing industry $190,000 for foal-loss research" (Courier-Journal, 3/22/03)

"China's $2.4M tobacco purchase encouraging to Kentucky farmers" (The Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/22/03)

"$4.3 million in tobacco settlement money awarded" (Business First, 3/21/03)

"Legislators seek improved water service: Project in budget will help more than 700,000 households" (Courier-Journal, 3/17/03)

"Central KY Farmer Gives New Life to Old Tobacco Barn" (UK Ag Communications, 3/5/03)

"Help for Food Product Entrepreneurs Available at UK" (UK Ag Communications, 2/19/03)

"Growing vineyards: Farmers look to the past for 'new' crop" (Springfield Sun, 2/28/03)

"Blueberry Workshop Will Highlight Production and Economics" (UK Ag. Comm., 2/19/03)

"Focus on business: CITE helping state" (BG Daily News, 2/18/03)

"Fish plan hooks expansion money: Processor gets $300,000 from state" (Courier-Journal, 2/18/03)

"Discussion on tobacco tax breaks postponed: Proposed 9% cut in agriculture budget gets higher priority" (Courier-Journal, 2/7/03)

"Resist use of tobacco funds to solve crisis" (Daily News, 02/05/03)

"Workshops Provide Information for Small Businesses" (UK Ag. Comm., 2/5/03)

"Kentucky farmers go on-line for new farming and business options" (Technlines, 02/03)

"Kentucky farm taking tobacco money to process llama wool" (SE Missourian, 01/27/03)

"Growing a warm, fuzzy feeling: Group hopes to create a new market for KY wool" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 01/24/03)

"Goal: Get Kentucky farmers online" (The Paducah Sun, 01/22/03)

"Cattlemen's group looks for ways to beef up growing industry" (Courier-Journal, 01/14/03)

"Smokin' With Tobacco Money" (, 2003)


"Ag leadership to meet Monday in unique forum" (The Daily Independent, 12/13/02)

"Tobacco companies pay KY $270K in fines" (Cincinnati Business Courier, 11/27/02)

"Spending of tobacco settlement faulted: Health groups say Kentucky lags in anit-smoking efforts" (Courier-Journal, 11/22/02)

"Farmers, quota holders split $134.3 million" Courier-Journal, 11/19/02)

"Grape Expectations: Vineyard owners hope farms lure more opportunities, tourists" (Courier-Journal, 11/17/02)

"Burley market fades: Kentucky crop is smallest on record for 3rd year in row" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 11/15/02)

"[Cumberland] County Agriculture Development Board Approves Programs" (Cumberland Co. News, 11/6/02)

"Farmers try selling goats for meat" (Lebanon Enterprise, 11/4/02)

"Tobacco funds protecting our land, air and water" (Land, Air & Water Magazine, Fall 2002)

"Agricultural fund may be diversified with new oversight" (Courier-Journal, 10/29/02)

"Using tobacco cash to redirect farms is focus of summit" (Courier-Journal, 10/9/02)

"Kentucky Winemakers Market Operations" (Washington Post, 10/2/02)

"[Shelby Co.]Phase I Panel Spends First Million" (The Sentinel News, 10/2/02)

"Ag Development Fund is Evolving: Farmers get help in replacing tobacco" (Messenger-Inquirer, 10/2/02)

"KY Bunkhouse becomes Recruiting Tool" (Washington Post, 9/30/02)

"Cuba Treats U.S. Visitors to Cigars and Prime Fidel" (The New York Times, 9/27/02)

"Online spreadsheet evaluates farm bill sign-up options" (@gonline, 9/26/02)

"Ag Development Fund is evolving: Farmers get help in replacing tobacco" (Messenger-Inquirer, 9/20/02)

"Most oppose higher cigarette tax: Majority also favors scrapping tax money for governor races" (Courier-Journal, 9/10/02)

"Princely Prawns: Raising big shrimp in ponds helps some Kentucky farmers replace income lost as demand for tobacco has dried up" (Courier-Journal, 9/8/02)

"Kentucky leaders endorse study of troubling trends" (Thoroughbred Times, 9/4/02)

"Aquaculture Co-op Facing Obstacles" (KFB News, 9/02)

"Native Grass Seed Sows Success" (KFB News, 9/02)

"With decline of tobacco auctions, towns seek new uses for abandoned warehouses" (Herald-Leader, 8/31/02)

"Businesses take over tobacco warehouses" (The KY Post On-line, 8/31/02)

"Tobacco farmers ponder: Should I stay or should I go?" (The Ledger-Independent, 8/30/02)

"Tobacco farmers to receive applications for settlement funds" (Business Courier, 8/5/02)

Governor visits the region: Presents $140,000 Check to Allen County Farm Bureau (Bowling-Green Daily Times,8/2/02)

"Worm growers receive $10,000 grant" (Tompkinsville News, 8/02)

"The application process for this yearís Phase II tobacco settlement payments is about to get under way in Kentucky" Audio File (KFB Newsline, 08/01/02)

"Co-ops give farmers strength in numbers: WESTERN KY. GROUP'S SALES COULD REACH $4.5 MILLION" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/29/02)

"FARMERS KICKING TOBACCO HABIT: Success of alternative crops eases burley's hold on region" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/29/02)

"Pharmin' proteins: Large Scale Biology Corp. uses Kentucky tobacco to help fight against cancer and other diseases" (Courier-Journal, 7/21/2002)

"When cooperation works: Center leads Kentucky co-op development" (@griculture Online, 7/15/02)

"Beekeeping becoming vital to horticultural growth" (KFB News, July 2002)

"Farm Bureau leaders part of diversification program in Harrison County" (KFB News, July 2002)

"Lawrence Co. FB promotes ag projects" (KFB News, July 2002)

"'Phase I' grant aids wool growers" (KFB News, July 2002)

"Catching Up" (The Kentucky Post, 06/18/02)

"Farmers want regulation to include buy-out plan" (The Kentucky Post On-line Edition, 6/17/02)

"Farmers taking advantage of demand for animal's meat" (The News Enterprise On-line, 6/12/02)

"Bringing it all togehter: Five state beef initiative benefiting Kentucky cow-calf producers" (@griculture Online, 6/7/02)

"Online course gives farmers an edge" (FCW.COM, 6/3/02)

"Blueberries in the Bluegrass: Blueberry Champions form growers association" (@griculture Online, 5/29/02)

"Growing more fresh vegetables: 2001 KY Produce Marketing Survey Confirms Vegetable Industry Growth" (@griculture Online, 5/21/02)

"Catching Up" (The Kentucky Post, 06/18/02)

"Farmers want regulation to include buy-out plan" (The Kentucky Post On-line Edition, 6/17/02)

"Farmers taking advantage of demand for animal's meat" (The News Enterprise On-line, 6/12/02)

"Bringing it all togehter: Five state beef initiative benefiting Kentucky cow-calf producers" (@griculture Online, 6/7/02)

"Online course gives farmers an edge" (FCW.COM, 6/3/02)

"Blueberries in the Bluegrass: Blueberry Champions form growers association" (@griculture Online, 5/29/02)

"Growing more fresh vegetables: 2001 KY Produce Marketing Survey Confirms Vegetable Industry Growth" (@griculture Online, 5/21/02)

"Cancer-research firm gets tobacco money" (Courier-Journal, 5/21/02)

"Tobacco board approves funds for research" (Maysville Ledger-Independent, 5/18/02)

"Firm using tobacco to fight cancer gets $255,000" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 5/19/02)

"Students have fun with agricultural science" (Bowling Green Daily News, 5/11/02)

"Boyle, Casey, Garrard Get Ag Money" (The Advocate Messenger, 4/23/02)

"Officials are working to form agritourism office" (Bowling Green Daily News, 4/17/02)

"Kentucky in line to receive more tobacco-settlement funds" (Glasgow Daily Times, 4/6/02)

"Ag diversification funds to be divvied" (Messenger-Inquirer, 3/18/02)

"State ag plan...Key focus on markets, capital for farmers" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 3/14/02)

"Metcalfe selected as site for farm expo" (Glasgow Daily Times, 3/7/02)

"Keen on beans: another sign of change in Kentucky agriculture" (@griculture Online, 3/1/02)

"Seven Federal Agencies Will Reveal Their Needs" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 2/25/02)

"A Push in the Right Direction: Long-range plan to set goals for state" (Messenger-Inquirer, 01/30/02)

"Strength in Numbers: Ag co-ops fighting to find place in food chain" (Messenger-Inquirer, 01/30/02)

"Cooperative Survives Tough Year: Vegetable growers begin planning for 2002 season" (Messenger-Inquirer, 01/18/02)

"Grant helps get health message out to people" (The Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/12/02)

"New Fashioned Agriculture" (Kentucky Living, January 2002)

"Kentucky's Vineyards & Wineries" (Kentucky Living, January 2002)


"State Beef Industry Not Realizng Its Potential, Cattlemen Say" (Messenger-Inquirer, 12/29/01)

"Phase I Settlement Money Continues to be Dispersed" (Messenger-Inquirer, 12/9/01)

Western Kentucky Counties Get Farm Grant (Messenger-Inquirer, 12/06/01)

Growers Co-op Receives $456,000 State Grant (Winchester Sun, 12/03/01)

Ag Board OKs Funds to Study Horse Illness (Herald-Leader, 12/01/01)

Patton's Long-term Farm Plan Released (Herald-Leader, 11/27/01)

Looking for the Golden Egg: Symposium gives farmers some ideas on replacing tobacco income (Courier-Journal,11/25/01)

Official: Tobacco Fund Has Helped Farmers (Messenger-Inquirer, 11/16/01)

$1.8 Million in tobacco funds Ok'd (The Cincinnati Enquirer, 4/21/01)

State takes action to redirect agriculture (The Cincinnati Enquirer, 2/17/01)



$481,942 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (10/20/2003)

$2,475,364.44 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (9/19/03)

EPDs standardized across state for Cattle Genetics Improvement Program (9/19/03)

State Agricultural Development Board to Recognize Central Kentucky Aquatics (9/19/03)

Houchens joins forces with Kentucky beef producers (9/10/03)

$6,359,873 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (8/16/03)

$29,985,194 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (7/19/03)

$2,897,778 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (6/20/03)

$5,582,904 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (05/16/03)

$2,896,248 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (04/21/03)

Fencing and Water Enhancement: New ways to utilize county Tobacco Settlement Funds (03/31/03)

Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund Annual Meeting to be held in April (03/31/03)

$4,317,877.03 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (03/21/03)

National Governorís Association recognizes Kentuckyís Agricultural Development Fund as an innovation in state policy (03/6/03)

Green River Cattle Company: Tobacco farmers plowing new ground in the beef industry (03/03/03)

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board Funds Agricultural Diversification Projects (02/21/03)

Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation Board of Directors Announced

$882,705 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (01/17/03)

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board presents $9,500,000 to Commonwealth Agri-Energy, LLC Ethanol Plant (01/21/03)


$670,495.28 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (12/20/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $20,000 to the Breckinridge County High School FFA Chapter (12/23/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $40,000 to the Christian County Cattlemen's Association (12/23/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers an additional $43,000 for the Clark County Model Cattle Handling Facilities Program (12/23/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $501 for the Fulton County Women In Agriculture (12/23/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $5,000 to Henry County 4-H Extension Council (12/23/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $35,000 to the Larue County Beef Cattle Association (12/23/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $7,500 to Lyon County Tobacco Farmers (12/23/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $50,000 to the Nelson County Beef Cattle Association (12/23/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $104,000 to the Trigg County Cattlemen's Association (12/23/02)

Agricultural Development Board Invests $2,000 in Trigg County Farmer's Market (12/23/02)

Agricultural Development Board Invests $157,053 in a Scott County On-Farm Water Enhancement Program (12/23/02)

Agricultural Development Board Invests $15,400 in Tobacco Steamers for Trigg County (12/23/02)

Agricultural Development Board Invests $50,000 for Woodford County Certified Kitchen (12/23/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $15,750 to the Magoffin County Goat Association (12/18/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $80,000 for Pendleton County Diversification Programs (12/18/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $74,878.25 to the Pulaski County Cattle Handling Program (12/18/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $57,500 to Spencer County Conservation District (12/18/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $30,242.60 to the Washington County Cattlemen's Association, Inc. (12/18/02)

Agricultural Development Board Presents $300,000 Check to Bath County Agricultural Education and Marketing Center (12/15/02)

Agricultural Development Fund Discussed at Joint Informational Hearing (12/04/02)

Farm Family Education Expo: Skills for a Changing Future (12/04/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $100,000 to the Harrison County Beef Cattle Association (12/04/02)

Agricultural Development Board Approves $39,500 for the Natural Resource and Leadership Institute (11/22/02)

Kentucky's Agricultural Community Joins Forces with the Kentucky Association of Second Harvest Food Banks (11/22/02)

$597,593.37 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (11/18/02)

Little Kentucky Smokehouse receives $950,000 from the Kentucky Agricultural Fund (11/06/02)

Investments Made in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (10/18/02)

Woodford Reserve Named "Official Bourbon" Of Kentucky Fish Company and Smokery Bourbon Used in Unique Smoking Process (10/17/02)

Kentuckyís Agricultural Diversification Program hailed as national model (10/13/02)

NGA AND KENTUCKY HOST POLICY FORUM FOR TOBACCO-GROWING STATES: Summit Focuses on Balancing Agriculture Interests with Youth Tobacco Prevention (10/8/02)

Kentucky Tobacco Settlement Trust Corporation Delivers 2002 Phase II Payment Registers (10/1/02)

2002 USDA Value-added Agricultural Product Market Development Grants Awarded: Kentucky recieves $597,922 (10/02)

Field Day Offers Look at Alternative, Traditional Enterprises (UK Ag. Communications, 9/18/02)

Green River Cattle Company Brings Cattle Producers Together (UK Ag. Communications, 9/12/02)

Marketing Is Biggest Challenge Shrimp Cooperative Faces (UK Ag. Communications, 9/11/02)

Kentucky Beef Network Announces Opening of Six Custom Weaning/Backgrounding Centers across the State to Help Beef Producers Bring Quality Products to Market (Gersh PR, 8/27/02)

Forage and Beef Field Day Will Highlight Latest UK Research (UK Ag. Communications, 8/21/02)

Central Kentucky Farm Expo is Sept. 7 in Hardin County (UK Ag. Communications, 8/21/02)

$1,875,300 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (8/19/02)

4-H and FFA Programs Will Benefit From Youth Endowment Funding (UK Ag. Communications, 8/16/02)

Green River Cattle Company Accepts Governor's Office Invitation (8/14/02)

UK Announces New Forage-Animal Program to Solve Farm Problems and Enhance Profitability (UK Ag Communications, 8/14/02)

Kentucky Tobacco Settlement Trust Corporation Announces 2002 Direct Payment Applications Are in the Mail (8/5/02)

$4,091,868 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (7/22/02)

Kentucky State Bee Keepers Association Receives Grant to Develop Mite-resistant Honeybees for Kentucky (7/8/02)

$1,571,143 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (6/21/02)

Kentucky Seeks To Learn From Canadaís Agricultural Success During BIO 2002 (6/02)

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board Approves Funding for ApoImmune Project (5/23/02)

$2,779,924 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (5/17/02)

Scores of ag development grants have been approved for producers trying to improve their cattle operations: Report on the educational side (KFB Newsline, 5/8/02)

KY Women in Agriculture Prepare for Follow-up Conference May 31 (UK Ag Communications, 5/8/02)

State Agricultural Development Board Delivers $55,000 for the Anderson County Farmers Market (5/7/02)

East Kentucky Heifer Development Program Graduates Superior Animals (UK Ag Communications, 4/25/02)

$2,693,022 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (4/19/02)

UK Nursery Crop Development Center Focuses on Native Plants (UK Ag Communications, 4/18/02)

Snell to Head Cooperative Development Center (KDA Communications, 4/11/02)

Governor Tours Garrard Co. Greenhouse (4/10/02)

Farm Family Expo Provides Skill Enhancement Workshops and Exhibits (3/29/02)

Horticulture Options Expand for Kentucky Farmers [includes photos](3/20/02)

Governor Patton Announces Appointments [Commission on Family Farms] (3/20/02)

$2,015,394 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (3/15/02)

Governor Releases Long-term Agricultural Development Plan: Sets Course for Kentucky Farm Economy (3/13/02)

Farm family expo coming to Edmonton March 28 (3/7/02)

Farm family expo coming to Blue Licks State Park March 26 (3/7/02)

Kentucky Tobacco Settlement Trust Corporation announces compensation plan for 2002 (3/5/02)

$4,554, 559 Invested in Kentucky Agricultural Diversification (2/15/02)

Dove Field Program Enrolling Now (2/1/02)

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board Meets with Members of the Tobacco Settlement Oversight Committee and Approves $2,174,139 Million in Agricultural Diversification Projects(1/18/02)

Kentucky Opportunity Marketplace Conference Invites All Interested in the Future of Agriculture in the Commonwealth(1/17/02)


Kentucky Tobacco Settlement Trust Corporation Announces Distribution of Compensation Checks(12/27/01)

Governor Holding Press Conference Announcing Distribution of Phase II Checks (12/26/01)

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board Approves $3,595,281 Million in Agricultural Diversification Projects(12/21/01)

Investing in Agriculture Success and Thinking Big(12/14/01)

Governorís Office to Hold Tobacco Settlement Project Proposal Workshop and Long-Term Plan Feedback Forum (12/07/01)

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board Approves $11,004,183 Million in Agricultural Diversification Projects (11/30/01)

Kentucky Tobacco Settlement Trust Corporation Announces Payment Rates for Tobacco Trust Fund (11/30/01)

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board Approves $11,004,183 Million in Agricultural Diversification Projects (11/30/01)

Kentucky Tobacco Settlement Trust Corporation Announces Payment Rates for Tobacco Trust Fund (11/30/01)

Governor Patton Announces Appointments: Governor's Commission for Family Farms (10/31/01)

Agricultural Development Board Approves $4.8 Million in Agricultural Diversification Projects (03/16/01)


Kentucky Agricultural Development Board Releases First Comprehensive Plan, Announces Hiring of Chief Operating Officer (12/15/00) [.pdf]

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board Announces Application Process, Farmland Preservation Effort (12/01/00) [.pdf]

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